aubrey_july_24_2018 (5)psAubrey is a sweet pup with lots of energy but she loves to cuddle too.
She enjoys toys and rawhides and treats.
She is a Jack Russel terrier mix with a focus on mix and she is pretty much full grown at a nice size.
She is working on the house training and has done well with short times of crate training, say no more than 2 hours.

Here are some great descriptive words that start with A:

amazing – loves to run and play yet stay by us when we go for walks in the woods;aubrey_march_25_2018 162 (5)corected_ps
amicable – sweet to the bone;
adorable – super adorable;
amusing – fun to watch her play with other dogs or toys;
angelic – ok, most of the time. In fact, I don’t think she has gotten into trouble at all – not yet;
affectionate – this is her greatest gift,  full of cuddles and kisses galore;
alert – very much so.
aubrey_july_24_2018 (3)psawesome – indeed, I love how easy she is to foster, how they lie on a bed when I’m working;
animated – watch her play;
adaptable – she and her sister adjusted from shelter to foster home very quickly and since being returned Aubrey has adapted well again.
agile – be it jumping into a lap or bounding over a log;
alive – for sure;
available – yes, for adoption.

Click here for video:

aubrey_july_24_2018 (2)psPlease be sure you have the desire and resources to participate in a doggy obedience class:

Please note that adopters will be expected to participate in a dog obedience class.
There are many reasons why taking your new puppy to a dog class is a good thing: 
encourage bonding, increase pups self-esteem, learn new things or new ways of teaching those old things, meet new people who love dogs too, have resources to help solve those july_24_2018 107psdoggy behaviors we don’t want, and maybe, just maybe, get involved in the world of doggy sports because today, there is a multitude of doggy sports for everyone!
Here are a few: Rally obedience, agility, musical freestyle, lure coursing, barn hunt, hose work, conformation, herding.  Your wallet may be lighter when you go out and compete but your life will be fuller!

 Let us know if you need help finding a dog obedience class in your area.
Local dog obedience clubs are a good place to look!

aubrey_ava_april_5_2018 (2)ps


aubrey_march_25_2018 162 (5)corected_psWant to Volunteer? Learn more now!
Want to Donate? Learn more now!  We are always in need of donations to help cover vet and food and more costs as well as material things such as bleach, toys, rawhides, blankets, towels, beds and the list goes on.

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