Beau: Fetching the Ball



Beau enjoys a good gave of retrieve be it sticks, balls, toys!  He also likes it when there is a bit of competition as his favorite game is tug.  But we don’t play tug with him so he has to fine another dog for that game!

He does not like to give up the ball at all.  We use a small piece of hot dog – works like a charm to teach pumpkin2him the command: Give.  He will drop the ball to take the hot dog – but then looks at us as if he doesn’t understand why we have the ball and he doesn’t anymore! beau_oct_18_2009

He will run out in anticipation of where he thinks you will throw the ball.   Sometimes we have to holler at him to get his attention so he will look up and see where the ball is flying through the air too. 

He and Lassie are funny.  I bought a 1/2 bushel of apples from a near by orchard and the two of them seem to think Apples are balls!  They will pick up one apple and then the two of them will fuss back and forth about whose “ball” which is the apple belongs beau11_oct_18_2009 too.  They will get the other dogs so convinced that they will go get the ‘ball’ only to pumpkin1 discover it’s an apple and then spit it out in disgust.  It is really funny to watch.

Here my dog Libby gets into the act.  But she really doesn’t fetch, she herds.  She is trying to ‘herd’ Beau back to Dennis, however, Beau was already headed that way but she isn’t always pumpkin1the brightest crayon on the box.

Here are some more great photos of Beau playing fetch and Dennis trying to teach Beau to ‘Give”:

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