Please Help Vinnie!

vinnie with donationkisses_psMeet Vinnie.
This little guy has had a rough life.

Vinnie is an eight year old Cocker Spaniel and Yorkie mix who has not had the best life – not yet anyway.
Bumped about, he ended up living the last several years outside tied up in a back yard.
A volunteer with PetsConnect stepped up and took him in. A groom revealed a shy, quiet dog who initially was nervous to even go outside but soon enough his wonderful personality began to shine!

BUT, Vinnie’s mouth is in horrid shape.vinnie_march_3_2018 (8)ps

Please us raise 900 to help cover the cost of Vinnie’s dental!
His poor care has resulted in severe dental issues including more than a dozen teeth that need to be extracted. This dental will insure Vinnie will live the rest of his years in comfort.
AND a matching donation of $300 has been promised by his foster mom!
Any amount of money raised above the immediate need will be set aside to pay for future senior dogs in need of dental.
vinnie_march_3_2018 (6)ps
Let’s work together to turn Vinnie’s life into a happy ever after ending for as many years as he has left!
Please visit us at to make a donation or mail a check to: PetsConnect, PO Box 8104, South Bend, IN 46660-8140
Stop by the adoption event and make a donation with your credit card as well!
vinnie_march_3_2018 (16)ps

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