Behind the Scenes of the Valentines!

This year Pets Connect sold Valentines as a fund raiser showcasing animals in our program! They were cute and came together from an idea from one volunteer that turned into a “project” for students of another volunteer, and were created in a week so they could be sold and into the hands of kids to pass out.

The students were in two different classes at Andrews University, in the Department of Visual Art, Communication & Design, who enjoyed a few of the kittens that came in for a “visit” to show some of the animals they were helping in the creation of Facebook banners to promote the sales AND the actual invitation.

I don’t know who enjoyed it more, the kittens or the students! Here are some pictures to show the making of the valentines and art that went into some of the banners!

IMG_6096 IMG_6101 IMG_6100 IMG_6099 IMG_6098 IMG_6097 IMG_6094 IMG_6093 IMG_6092 IMG_6091 IMG_6090 IMG_6089 IMG_6088 IMG_6087 IMG_6083 *IMG_8206 *IMG_8212 *IMG_8216 *IMG_8218 *IMG_8221 IMG_3601 IMG_3596 IMG_3594

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