Lovely Lucy



We took some new photos of Lucy so you can see how lovely she is looking now!  She came into our program the first of the summer very pregnant!  She had her babies and they are now almost three months old!  Her puppies are Jonnie, Perry, Sandra, Thurgood, and Clarence.  Being named after the judges didn’t keep her puppies from participating in our prison program either!
She is all BEAGLE – a nose on four legs is what we call her.  And what a lap baby, she will cuddle for hours on end.

Lucy prefers soft laying spots and enjoys curling up on dog beds or the end of the couch and she likes to sleep on the end of the bed by or sometimes on my feet. 

Comical is a great description for this little gal.


From what we can tell she is a nice looking Beagle – here is her stance.  Nice.lucy_lemon7_oct_18_2009

Toys – she adores toys!  She plays with them by throwing them up in the air and chasing them, holding them in her mouth, teasing whoever she thinks want them and she can get a bit testy if that teasing  results in another dog trying to actually take her toy away.  And if she looses and the other dog gets her toy, good grief, you should hear her carry on like a baby!  It is hilarious!  And no, she does not appreciate us laughing at her but does expect us to retrieve her toy for her. 

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