Nyx: small, black and mighty

nyx_dec_17_2017 089 (10)psNyx

Nyx is small, black and mighty!
She is like a big dog in a small body .

Nyx :

  • will self entertain for hours on end:
  • is house trained
  • is crate trained
  • loves to be in a lap
  • learns new tricks quickly
  • will work for treats
  • loves to be on her hind feet
  • can walk on her hind feet
  • really enjoys toys, any toys
  • fetches balls
  • is playful
  • is joyful
  • walks well on a leashnyx_nov_2017 (6)ps
  • loves, loves to run about the fenced in yard
  • loves some dogs * hates some dogs
  • is all character!

With People:  Nyx is great!  She adores people, loves to go for walks, loves to learn, loves to be in laps and will provide entertainment better then most programs on TV.

nyx_dec_17_2017_color_psWith Dogs:  this is  hard.  When she loves a dog all is well with the world.  Her bestest friend right now is an 8 month old female dobe, Lady.  They even sleep together at night.  They do not eat together.  But they play and play outside and when in a large walk in pen.
She can be with other dogs in a live and let live existence but if someone challenges her or she takes an instant dislike to another dog (typicall the big black ones) then she can be like a little Tasmanian devil!  I will say, neither she nor another dog have ever been hurt but they sure make a lot of noise and it can look bad.

So, we are  thinking a home where she is the one and only with no thoughts of going to a dog park may be the best thing for her.
Participation in a dog obedience class would be great for her so she can learn to respond to her new owners commands and learn how to behave no matter what is going on in her little brain.

nyx_dec_17_2017ps.Training:  so, this little dog would rock in just about any dog training sports but especially agility, musical freestyle and rally obedience.  Think trick training.  And this leads us to….

Pet Therapy!  Despite her reaction to some dogs, training can help with that and she would be a great pet therapy dog.  Teach her tricks, put on a little show-off of her tricks and then visit with people.  She could b great.

But, first, someone willing to work with  her.nyx_nov_2017 (5)ps
This is not a move in, easy peasy kind of dog.
But she could be a fantastic dog for a person willing to work with her.

nyx_dec_17_2017 206psNyx is available for adoption.  If you are interested, please fill out an application and email it to us as an attachment.  Click here for adoption application

Medical: She is spayed, micro chipped, wormed, and up to date on shots.
Microchip: Included in the adoption is the registration of the AVID micro chip in the new owner’s name.

Adoption fee: $250

Leash and Collar or Harness:   a Lupine brand harness or collar and leash are provided for each canine.  Lupine has a life time guarantee; if chewed, the company will replace it free of charge (thank goodness!).

Want to Volunteer? Learn more now!
Want to Donate? Learn more now!  We are always in need of donations to help cover vet and food and more costs as well as material things such as bleach, toys, rawhides, blankets, towels, beds and the list goes on.

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