black_paws_line Danny

10 month old lab mix
Black with white

Sweet, affectionate, lively, playful
Good with dogs and curious about cats


The most amazing thing about this dog is how forgiving he is. paw_print
Danny was an owner surrender to an animal shelter, which is a good thing because as the shelter employees questioned the owner as to the sores on both of his front legs, the owner admitted to being the culprit.  The owner said those are cigarette burns.

We weren’t convinced.  It doesn’t seem possible for paw_printsomeone to do that. danny_oct_13_2009 One of our volunteers was convinced it might be a ‘flesh eating bacterial virus” – I know, it’s a funny notion.  But our vet did confirm that these sores are trauma induced and most likely from cigarettes. 

What does it take for a person to sit there, put a burning cigarette onto a dogs flesh until it burns danny9_oct_13_2009through?  And not just once, but many times?  It is not something fun to think about.    How sad that there are people who can be so cruel to animals and to children .. let’s not forget about the children.
Simply a sad statement of what humans are capable of.

But then there are the wonderful people out there helping those misfortunate’s and your local animal shelter is right there on the front line!  God Bless them. 
Take them cookies, fresh fruit and tell them Thank You!

So,  here is Danny, a lovely lab mix who is active and full of life and will soon be ready for his forever home – no cigarettes please!

For more photos…….

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