Patricia Delivers

patricia_newborns_july_3_2017 (1)psMeet Patricia.


This three year old cat is absolutely delightful!
Sweet, easy going and pretty as can be.
She came to us pregnant with a belly already big with babies.
And on July 3rd she delivered her babies.

Not all her babies have survived, a couple were really small and undeveloped but thus far, three are doing well;

And the grandchildren have named them so they better survive!
Patricia and her three kittens: Piper, Panda Bear and Pepsi Cola.
We chose non-gender based names since we do not know for sure which are girls and which are boys even though the children have looked.
“It’s too hard to tell Grandma!”

July_4_2017_day_old (2)ps

So, watch for updates, hopefully happy surviving kitten updates on Patricia and her kittens.

Patricia came to us, like most animals in our program, from a local animal shelter.
She landed in the local animal shelter as a stray.
Patricia is a year year old Torbie.  They make the best pets!

It will be awhile, but eventually all will be ready for adoption.
Meanwhile, enjoy this video of photos and videos taken their first 24 hours.

patricia_newborns_july_3_2017 (3)psCaring for mom’s and kittens can be expensive!
Want to help?

Your donation pays for veterinarian fees, vaccinations, worming, litter, medicines, and other needed supplies.

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