Danica and Dezi

danica_dezi_march_19_2017 (1)psDanica and Dezi are rambunctious, playful three month old pit bull mix puppies.
These two came from the St. Croix Island.  They were part of larger litter of pups that came from what are called street dogs.
We do not know who mom is, or who dad is or what breed mixes may live where they were found so we are really in the dark when it comes to guessing their breed mix.
They certainly look like pit bull mixes to us, but they have rather short legs and are not growing by leaps and bounds like other pit pups we have had in our program.  So, we are thinking maybe they have something short legged in their mix?  But, we do not know.

What we do know is that they are:  playful, love rawhides, love toys, love to run and play and scamper through the woods.

quote_dezi_april_17_2017 (7)ps

They have teeth!  Little sharp puppy teeth and seem to want to use them all the time.  We have been working with them on not using their teeth when they come up to say hi or when they take food but they will need a lot more work in this area.  It will be easier when they are adopted and it will be one on one!  Right now they just vie  for all the attention.

They LOVE attention!  They love to come running when called, they love to jump up on us too.

danica_april_17_2017 (4)psI guess one could say these are exuberant, happy puppies!dezi_april_17_2017 (4)ps

I guarantee they will chew whatever their teeth land on, they will pee and probably poop in your house, if there are kids toys, they will try to eat them or chew them if they can get to them, they will steal your dirty underwear and may even run through the house like little clowns with it dangling from their mouth.
These are some super silly puppies!

Adopters really need to have the resources available to participate in doggy training: time, money and willingness.
And socialization – plan on taking your puppy everywhere with you the first year!
These two things will help greatly for the puppy to grow up to be a well balanced awesome dog.


dezi_april_17_2017 (3)psDanica and Dezi are available for adoption.  If you are interested, please fill out an application and email it to us as an attachment.
Click here for adoption applicationdezi_april_17_2017 (4)ps

Medical: He is neutered, she is spayed, both are micro chipped, wormed, and up to date on shots.
Microchip: Included in the adoption is the registration of the AVID micro chip in the new owner’s name.

Adoption fee: $300

Leash and Collar or Harness:   a Lupine brand harness or collar and leash are provided for each canine.  Lupine has a life time guarantee; if chewed, the company will replace it free of charge (thank goodness!).

Want to Volunteer? Learn more now!
Want to Donate? Learn more now!  We are always in need of donations to help cover vet and food and more costs as well as material things such as bleach, toys, rawhides, blankets, towels, beds and the list goes on.

danica_dezi_april_17_2017 040 (2)psA Note about Pit’s and pit mixes: It is important for potential adopters to do their research about the pit bull breeds – both the good and the bad. They have been used for nefarious reasons and because of that there are often city ordinances, home insurance exceptions, etc. that need to be researched and considered before adoption.

Pit bulls make excellent family dogs and are very loving when raised properly. Part of that proper raising is keeping them socialized. You want to make sure you have time to spend letting your pitty meet new people and animals throughout his life.

It is also very important that you have the time to teach your pit obedience commands; beyond the simple sit and shake. Pit bulls need to know that their owner is in charge and that he needs to listen when given a command.danica_dezi_april_17_2017 048 (1)ps

A badly behaved pit bull is an easy target for those who are ignorant of the breed – don’t let your new baby become a target. You should want to be a part of changing society’s negative view of them, not part of the problem.

That said, they are very loyal, loving dogs and make great companions.

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