Bertram and Thisbe—two adorable kittens ready to find their forever homes


Meet Bertram and Thisbe, two brothers born on 11/11/16. Both are great with everything—kids, other cats, and dogs way larger than they are!


These are really easy going kittens, very easy to please, and no trouble to have in the house. They have their moments of crazy, run-around-the-house, play time, but also like to snuggle and have their differences as well. Very curious about new toys (or empty boxes) and love any cat toys on a stick. They also like playing with cat toys that have a ball in a track that they can play with for long periods of time.

IMG_2196  *IMG_1742

Bertram is the larger of the two and has a darker, “fuzzier” coat. His fur is really soft and he’s more about exploring and investigating new things in the house. Will purr as soon as you approach him, very loving and will occasionally meow for attention. Loves to play with toys and likes to sleep up in the cat tower, or with/near the other cats in the house.


Thisbe LOVES to be either on someones lap, or snuggling with another cat in the house. He also likes to play, but is very gentle and more cautious. Prefers not to be alone, and is always following either his brother or another house cat. The smaller of the two, but fearless and will occasionally sleep on top of our 60 lb. dog!

IMG_2227  *IMG_1789

These boys are ready to find their forever homes! Both are excellent with their litter box habits, only scratch on the cat towers or provided scratchy boxes, so would really make a perfect pet in any home. Since they are both so social, these brothers would be good to adopt  together or into a home with another cat companion. $100 each or both for $180.



Thisbe (in the middle) loves to snuggle with his brother and other cats. He will routinely have his paw around another cat, sleeping away and enjoying the comfort of another kitty.


Bertram will often choose to sleep by himself up in the cat tower, or “near” other cats. He’s harder to get pictures of since as soon as I get near him to take a picture, he purrs and starts walking over to me, so I have to make sure he’s sound asleep!


Thisbe and one of his best friends that he follows all over the house and “does what he does” whether it be napping, or jumping on my lap. It’s hard to get any work done with 2 cats trying to sleep on my lap!



Thisbe loves to snuggle with other cats, his brother Bertram and on the laps of humans!


Snuggle time with Thisbe.


These two—Thisbe and his buddy Rio.


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