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Saturday and no rain – the beginning of what was a fun,   memory filled day for all of us who attended the first PetsConnect!  Family Reunion.

Here Joanne greets Mr. Whiskers, a puppy she fostered.  He isn’t a puppy anymore but he is adorable.  That is his dad holding him.  Can we say well loved?

Despite how many animals we foster, and that we think we won’t remember them we do.  We may not remember the name, we might but we remember that face and usually the story behind the face too.  Mr. Whiskers was one of a litter reuion_volunteers_den_oct_10_2009of puppies born to a Miniature Poodle.  Joanne fostered the pups once they were big enough to leave their mom.  Sadly, one of the pups was hit by a car – that was hard.

Here Dennis greets a now grown Newfie mix pup.  We had told the couple who adopted him that he would be really big – oops.  We are not always right about that!  But he is gorgeous and had fun on the agility course.  The traveled reuion_dogs_friends_corby3_oct_10_2009all the way from Chicago to come say hi.

And here is Corby.  Ok, we said he would be lab size and it would appear that he may be Great Dane size … another oops.  Well, it is hard to tell when they are puppies.  But he is sweet too.  He really enjoyed seeing the puppies.  Corby came to as small puppy, there were actually a couple in his litter.  They originally came from the South Bend Animal Care and Control. reuion_dogs_friends_logan_face_oct_10_2009sm

Here is a very special guy.  This is Logan.  Animal Control Officers went to the place he was living and seized him and several other dogs due to horrible living conditions.  Logan came to us thin bone, badly infected ears eaten by flies and emotional dejected.  He was a mess.  Look at him now!  He is so pleased with himself and such a handsome guy that his owner had a hard time holding him at times because he wanted to go meet other dogs and people.

reuion_dogs_friends_lucy_oct_10_2009 OK, one more.

Meet Lucy.  Now this dog has a story.
About seven years ago we walked into a local animal shelter and there was this skinny, pathetic, dejected dog that growled at everyone who looked at her cross-eyed.  Gail, one of our volunteers, walked up to the cage door and this dog went right up to her.  Well, we had to bring her home.  Once home, she hid under the steps and growled and growled.  It took awhile to get her to come around.  We were actually a bit worried about her ability to be a pet.
Well, we should not have worried – check her out!  This great couple adopted her, spent lots of time with her and she has done great.  Lucy lives next door to the family that adopted Fern the Border Collie.

Here are a lot more great photos of dogs that we adopted out and our friends who adopted them!

Several of our PetsConnect! puppies, dogs and even a couple kittens were also on hand for the Reunion.  Inreuion_for_adoption8_oct_10_2009 fact, a couple got adopted! 

Here is Almond Joy.    She is looking more and more like  a Shar Pei to me.
reuion_for_adoption5_oct_10_2009Our dogs had a great time being walked around, and running the agility course.

We were fortunate that a few of the youth who participate in our Daylight program were able to attend.  They enjoyed spending time with the dogs and eating – they are adolescent males!

  Here one of the youth hold Xena.

Here are more photos of our animals on hand .. note the kitten, that is Peaches.


Along with meeting people and seeing how wonderful the dogs were, there was the food.  A couple volunteers went wild buying food and making food!  You will want to come next year!  We had hot dogs and hamburgers, and egg salad, and chips and rice krispee treats, apples galore, home made veggie soup and chili and donuts and cookies and cupcakes and then the drinks – you name it and I think it was available!

agility_dogs Agility was a new experience for some and it seemed to be a family affair as entire reuion_agility_doodle8_oct_10_2009families took their pet through the course!  It was fun to watch the children run through   the tunnels as they coaxed the family dog to follow them!

This golden doodle and family members appeared to have a lot of fun going through the course.

Here are more photos of this dog trying out the obstacles.  I don’t think he was willing to go through the chute but that is rather scary!  he did a great jump though.


There are several of us in PetsConnect! who have trained, competed, taught and love agility_tire agility.  This allows us an opportunity to share this fun sport and encourage others to join in too.  We charged a dollar to run the course so it was also a bit of a fundraiser too.  We are thinking of offering this a couple times next summer, Agility in the Park or reuion_agility_9_oct_10_2009something like that.

Here are more photos of dogs and people enjoying the course.










the Back bone, the only reason PetsConnect! exists.

Here is one of our younger volunteers.  She brought the dog she adopted from us and won a prize participating in games.  She reuion_volunteers_alaska_oct_10_2009participates in 4-H with her dog and looks forward to agility competitions.

And here  is another one of our volunteers with his new foster, Alaska.  He loves the northern breeds.  He and family members will need to walk Alaska as she recovers from her treatment to kill the heartworms.


Ryon holding Riley while Riley’s brother, Rocky, runs the agility course.  Ryon is a volunteer,  Riley was adopted first, and later the family adopted Rocky when he was returned.  It’s been a great fit.  The two dogs enjoy daily walks.

More photos of volunteers:



More Photos!

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