Donations Needed

helpwanted    We know the times are rough so we have taken care and cut back on our pleas for help.  
But that doesn’t mean our need for help has lessened.
We have had some great animals some of which have required extensive veterinarian care. 
You can read more about
Alaska, Jean, Starlette, Almond Joy, Carilynn, and there are more.
If you would like some suggestions for items that we can put to good use…

.. here is the list!

Dog toys and rawhidessmall_white_chi
Purina One dog food
Purina One cat food

Dog treats – training treats, biscuits, any size or type of treat
Blankets – polyester/cotton, clean
Beds: dog or cat:  small and medium are best


Monies to help with vet bills
Participate in the Gift Program ($50)
Gas cards to help volunteers with all the driving they do to get animals to
and from vets/adoption events/etc
Donation to the
Daylight – prison program.
Small, soft treats for prison programcattreexmas
any cat furniture
Scratching posts
Office Supplies
Cleaning supplies: paper towels, Bleach, Vinegar, more paper towels, laundry soap

Bigger items:
Micro scope
Computer able to handle large memory programs

Thank You!


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