Triumph Needs You!

triupm_sept_25_2016-2psMeet Little Triumph, all six pounds of this little guy is amazing.
Hit by a car, he was taken to a local animal control where he stayed for a couple days while the shelter sought out a rescue willing to take on him.
We put out a plea for a foster home and waited for someone who was willing to foster him and we had to consider the financial costs as well.
Triumph came to us with two broken legs: one leg is broken beyond repair, the other is healing.

The plan is to remove the really bad leg and he would be a tri-pod but first, we had to be sure he could use that other rear leg.
Once in our program, we immediately took him to our vet for examination and x-rays.

One leg was clearly broken and x-rays show that leg is pretty much shattered and is non-repairable.
Triumph was not doing much with the other leg which x-rays showed three broken toys and a knee that could have been hurt from the car or he was just born with a knee missing some parts.


The big question: could he be a tri-pod?  Dogs do very well on three legs, especially when the missing leg is a back leg.  But was the second back leg able to sustain Triumph’s weight?  It has been a wait and see game with us taking video’s through-out the first week and a half for our vet to watch and make a judgement call.
At the end of week one, Triumph spent a day at the vet office where it was determined, yes, he can be a tri-pod!
Here is a video of that first week and a half:

I know, we should not be so excited about the fact that his leg will be amputated, but the alternative is, well, not good.
His surgery is scheduled for October 10th!
We are raising money to help cover the cost of his surgery.

Our goal is to raise $500 which covers his surgery.
More than the $500 would help cover his office visits, x-rays, medicines and more!

triumph_sept_2016ps  You Can Help!
  Donations can be mailed to:
  PetsConnect! Inc.
  PO Box 8104
  South Bend, IN 46660-8104
  Or you can make a donation on our pay pal.
  Or stop by an event and we can take a donation via credit card.

All donations are tax deductible.
Email us at for more info.

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