“Candy Pups Now 11 Weeks!”

Here are some pictures of the “Candy” puppies playing yesterday 09/07/09.  They were running around pretty fast so it was hard to get all of them in the pictures.  :-)

 They are all getting really big and more playful everyday.  All of them love people and love being held.  They are all wearing harnesses now so they feel like big kids.  It’s hard to believe that all of them used to fit in one half of the kitchen sink when I first got them!

 Personality updates:

 Ø      Reese Cup is still the sweetest of them all.  He cries when you set him down if he’s not done being held yet….so you better be ready to love him for a long time!

Ø      Oreo Blizzard is still a big love bug too.  He loves to instigate playing with his brothers and sisters.  He has grown fond of eating out of the “big dog” food bowls in the kitchen when he’s loose in the house – he thinks he’s a big boy too.  J

Ø      Swiss Miss competes with Reese Cup to get picked up when someone is near the puppy pen.  She has the sweetest face you could ask for!

Ø      Hershey Kiss grows more and more affectionate every day.  Hershey is the loner out of the group.  She loves to play but often stands back and watches her brothers and sister play like crazy….she’s just too mature for them!

Ø      Almond Joy is the most playful out of all the girls.  She and Oreo Blizzard love romping around outside or in their puppy pen.  They don’t care if their brothers and sisters are asleep – they’re playing! 

 Lucy Ricardo is also in these pictures (she is also up for adoption).  She has taken the place of mommy for these pups since she came to my house.  The puppies go crazy when they see Lucy!  They love their “mommy”!  Lucy Ricardo is a very sweet dog who loves to cuddle up with a human when she’s not playing with one of the puppies or one of my dogs.  She loves to sleep in bed with me (often under the covers) and won’t move all night!reese_hershey_lucyoreo_frontoreoalmond1reeseswiss













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