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Almond Joy is one of the “Candy” puppies that I have had since she was 6 days old.  There are plenty of pictures of Almond in blogs I’ve written since I first got them.  You can really follow them grow.


Almond gave us quite the scare a couple of weeks ago when the usually active, loving pup suddenly became lethargic.  She did nothing but lay around and didn’t offer the endless kisses like she normally does. 


We first noticed it one night when she started acting funny.  She would cry out in pain anytime she would move or anytime you would touch her.  My friend stayed up with her and held her all night since I had to be to work in the morning.  Before going to work, I dropped Almond off at grandma’s house like I normally do at which point grandma held her.  Almond was crying more and more as the night and morning went on. 


When I got to work I got a hold of the “powers that be” to get Almond into the vet.  I left work as soon as I could get her in and when I dropped Almond off at the vet’s office everyone was sad to see the normally, bright-eyed pup so miserable looking.  Things did not look promising at all for Almond Joy.  When I left I cried the whole way back to work thinking that was going to be the last time I saw her alive. 


That night Almond stayed the night at the vet while they researched what could possibly cause such a wonderful puppy to become so sick.  The amazing vets soon realized that Almond’s condition sounded strangely familiar to another animal they had treated who had meningitis.  We had never heard of a dog having meningitis.  They started Almond Joy on all kinds of medicine right away.


The next morning when the staff returned, they went and checked on Almond Joy.   What they found was a miracle…she was wide awake and beaming with energy just like she used to!!  I got the call that I could go pick her up and I left right away to get her. 


I couldn’t believe what I saw before me when I picked her up.  She looked and acted just like she did before she got sick!  When she saw me she started wagging her tail and wanted out of the cage to get her lovings.  When I got her out we exchanged kisses and she was a happy girl.  She acted like nothing happened! She was excited to get home and see her brothers and sisters….and her grandma who also showered her with kisses!  J 


Almond is still doing very well.  She is now down to one antibiotic that she will soon be done with and she will be ready for adoption.  She just had a check-up and the vet said she has made a full recovery.  I have no doubt that she will make a great family dog some day.  I have attached a couple of pictures of her that I took yesterday.  She was too busy running around playing with her brothers and sister to sit and take many pictures.  J


amond_oreo** Stories like these are not uncommon in the world of fostering animals.  We get many dogs and cats in need of extra veterinary care. **


** Without donations from the public, we would not be able to help animals in need.  Please donate so we can continue to help animals like Almond Joy. **


** We desperately need more donations to help save Alaska, a Siberian Husky who has heartworms.  You can read her story at blog.petsconnect.org under “Alaska” **

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