Carilynne: Difficult Birth and Life Saving Surgery


Carilynne finally delivered her kittens, but it was not without all most loosing her life.  Saturday, October 3rd, we woke to hear a kitten mewing.  Upon checking her cage we found three small kittens: two were dead but one was mewing.  We cut the umbilical cord and cleaned her up and put her with her mom.  That seemed to be about it.  We left mom and kitten in peace.
Carilynn with newborn kitten

But then Sunday morning we kept smelling this odor … I searched her bedding and found a very large kitten.  It too was dead.  This kitten was four times larger than the one in the photo.  It was bizarre.carilynn_kitten_oct_5_2009
So, now we left her in peace.

Sunday afternoon and evening I could still smell some odor – I checked and Carilynne wasn’t keeping herself clean so I helped her out.  I noticed too that she was settling into her mama role laying with the kitten.  She was still.

But then came Monday morning:  the smell had worsened, as if something were dead, and Carilynne could hardly hold up her head, one eye was light colored as if she were dying.  It was horrible.
I rushed her to our vet, Kryder Veterinary Clinic, and Dr Hatch saw her.   Surgery, immediately, was a must.  As it turns out, there was another really large, dead kitten inside her and she was septic.  I doubt she would have lived through the day.  I wasn’t sure she would be alive even with the surgery.   Poor cat.

carilynn_kitten_oct_7_2009Carilynn with newborn kitten and IV tube
But she did make it.  We picked her up that afternoon.  She has an IV and she had been really good about leaving it in.  And get this … she purrs every time we reach in to pet her!  Her eye is starting to look better and we are putting an ointment in it and she is on some really heavy duty drugs to kill the infection.
Well, that is not the way to get a cat spayed!

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  1. Kim says:

    WOW! What a story!! Way to go Carilynn! What a trouper!

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