Mitzi: from Box to Bed.

mitzi_adopted_feb_25_2015psABFOn a Saturday last fall, as we set up for an adoption event at PetSmart, a store manager approached us about a homeless mom cat and her kittens.  Employees had put her and her kittens in a quiet, back room.
The kittens were small.
Just a few hours earlier, when employees arrived to open the store, they discovered a cardboard box in front of the door.
The box had been sealed shut but they knew from the movement and sounds that life was within.

PetsConnect volunteers were delighted to find a friendly cat who allowed us to hold her even as her little kittens moved about looking for her.  The kittens looked healthy and their eyes had just opened.  One PetsConnect volunteer summed it up well:  “She is beautiful!”
A volunteer offered to foster mom and kittens!
sven_adopted_feb_14_2015psWhen the kittens were about 8 weeks old, mom decided she was going to protect them from the family dogs.  The kittens stayed in their foster home while mom when to a new foster home.  We learned she was not fond of dogs and less fond of cats.  So, she would not have to be in a cage all the time, we put her in our garage where she demonstrated great mice eliminator skills.
Sometimes she spend time a cage inside and sometimes she would go out to the garage and terrorize the mice.  Not an ideal situation but for the moment it worked.
In hopes to find Mitzi a suitable home, we took her to an adoption event and that is where the magic unfolded!  A couple came in who had been looking for a black, female young adult cat.  They have a Chihuahua but we were hopeful Mitzi could learn to live with one small dog.
How delightful to receive this note and photo on our Facebook!
“We adopted Mitzi on Saturday last week. We had been searching for the perfect kitty for a couple of weeks and happened to walk into PetSmart on Saturday. Her cage was the very first cage we walked up to and instantly fell in love. My son came down with a pretty bad fever on Tuesday and Mitzi hasn’t left his side. She is turning out to be a perfect match for our family and we couldn’t be happier.”


These are the adoptions that warm volunteer hearts and energize us to continue pet rescue!

Her daughter is still looking to be adopted.

Her daughter is still looking to be adopted.

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Or call us at 574-282-1225

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