Border Collies: Group Photos


The day after the Great Border Collie Rescue which you can read more about here: Border Collie Rescue, a couple PetsConnect volunteers came over to our home. 

They brought Bell, the Border Collie they are fostering as well as Sparky, a Border Collie they adopted from us many years ago.
And then we took photos!bunny
There are not many breeds of dogs that you could instantly put together and get photos like this!  These Border Collies are incredible.
Here Lindsay and Dennis are with five of the Border Collies.  Ok, let’s see if I can get who is who: Sparky is in Den’s lap, Cricket is looking up at Dennis, Fern is laying on the ground, Jean is smack in the middle and then Bell is in front of Lindsay.

four_border_collies2_sept_27_2009And here are Cricket, Fern, Jean and Bell
You can always tell Bell because of her really tall ears.  And Jean is the one that has so much black speckling.  Cricket is a tad cross eyed and Fern – well, Fern always is the lady.  Fern is awesome.  But I know Linsday will say the same of Bell too and Laurie will say the same of Jean!  And Jamie will say the same of Cricket!  Fosters – we love our foster dogs!



Here is Sparky.  Lindsay adopted him when he was eight weeks old.  He has a special story.  He and his littermates came to us six week old puppies from a local shelter.  They were all beautiful Border Collie puppies.  The foster called me to say they were really sick, and they were.  They had parvo which is a nasty virus that attacks the stomach lining.  Sparky was the only pup that seemed untouched and Lindsay convinced me to let her take him.  She drove all the way out to my house to pick him up.  And he never did get sick!  he is the only pup to survive.  And what a handsome boy he is.  He exemplifies the Border Collie Breed –see how self confident and assured he is?


Ok, so four Border Collies from the Great Border Collie Rescue: Jean, Cricket, Bell and Fern (Skye is not in these photos),  and Sparky and then we added Harvey!

And that is Dennis in the middle – he is not, by the way, available for adoption!!

But the dogs (well, not Sparky) are available for adoption.





For more photos……

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