Lucy and Bruiser

feb_10_2014 099smrlucy_lou_feb_10_2014 (3)Bruiser and Lucy are often sitting together, laying together and almost always can be found within a few feet of one another.
You see, they were surrendered to a local animal shelter together, by the same family.
From what we can tell they have always been together.

I know they can be adopted separately and they would adapt, however, if there is someone looking for two smallish dogs this would be such a nice pair to adopt.  For approved applicants I’ll even sweeten the pot and lower the adoption fee if both are adopted together.

Both Lucy and Bruiser are easy keepers.  Neither has had an accident in the house, they don’t chew stuff or get into stuff.
They do bark when someone comes to the door or there are noises at night time.
They both love to cuddle in the bed with us when we watch TV.  Lucy likes to get under the covers while Bruiser likes to lay curled up between us.
I’m suspecting whoever surrendered them is really missing these two little guys.

bruiser_feb_10_2014 07 (1)Bruiser is three year old Pug and Yorkshire Terrier mix.  He has brown wire hair, a curly tail and cute face.
Bruiser knows his name and comes when called.  He also knows some basic commands.

Lucy is a Bichon mix with white curly hair.  She is just four years of age.  Lucy loves to snuggle but needs a little time to get to know her new people.  She ‘smiles’ but it looks a bit like a snarl so it can be confusing.  She is also sensitive to being tugged, stepped on,etc.
Lucy also knows her name, comes when called and knows basic commands.
Both dogs would do great in an adult home where children only visit on occasion.  They would probably do well with older children and teen-agers.  They are great with other dogs and cats too.  They stay at my side most of the time and come when I call so I think they would be fine outside but a fenced in yard might be nice too, depends on dedicated leash walkers versus not.

Lucy is spayed, micro chipped and up to date on her shots.
Bruiser is neutered, micro chipped and up to date on his shots.

If you are interested, please fill out an application and email it to us as an attachment. .  Click here for adoption application.

Their adoption fee includes a Lupine brand collar or harness and six foot leash.

bruiser_feb_10_2014 07 (1) bruiser_feb_10_2014 07 (4) lucy_lou_feb_10_2014 (6) lucy_lou_feb_10_2014 (3) lucy_lou_feb_10_2014 (1)

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