Jean: Border Collie


2-3 year old Female
Border Collie

Long hair, Black
White and speckles

Housetraining in progress

Good with other animals


Jean is a sweet natured Border Collie who came to us in pathetic shape .. so bad that our vet bill to care for her is expected to be about $500.00 so we are actively fundraising to cover the costs.  Jean came from the Border Collie Rescue of Middle Tennessee.  You can read more about that story at Border Collie Rescue.  Jean is bone thin – we calljean4_sept_27_2009sm her “Dead Dog Walking” she is so painfully thin.  She came to us covered with sores from being plastered with feces as well as bug sores and bed sores.  After her bath which took forever and literally four lathering  of soap and lots of rinses .. she seemed relieved.  She lay on the patio licking herself with pure contentment.

racoon Right now the game plan is to get weight on her and raise enough money to get her teeth taken care of.  Her teeth are a mess.
Once we are at that point, she will be spayed and ready for adoption.  She tested negative for Heartworm (thank goodness) and has a rabies shot.  She is being wormed with Panacur, is on flea prevention and is receiving her series of puppy shots.
Jean shares a foster home with a couple other family dogs and a teen-ager.  She enjoys sleeping in bed with her foster mom – talk about spoiled!  But that is ok, this dog deserves it.

Jean probably won’t be ready for adoption until the end of November.

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