Fern: Border Collie



2-3 years old
Long hair black with white Border Collie
Female, spayed
Good with other dogs and cats
Leash walked, good on retractable leash
Sleeps on floor in our bedroom
Intense, makes eye contact, affectionate
Great dog


Fern in the Basil


Fern came to us as part of the Border Collie Rescue.  You can read more about that at Border Collie Rescue.
We don’t know Fern’s story other than that she came from the Border Collie Rescue of Middle Tennesse and they were shut down for not caring for their animals.  But her foster mom supects that Fern was not there for very long or lived in the house.  Maybe she was a recent owner surrender?  Who knows……
What we do know is that she has been wonderful since coming to our home!  At first she stayed in our dining room/kitchen and for the first couple days spent a lot of time under the dining fern_den_sept_27_2009room table coming out occasionally for pets.  We leash walked her on a regular basis.  Then she was out more and more and  started going to the sliding glass door asking to go out.  She would do this by standing there, butt wagging, tail wagging and look at me. 

Then she came up to my office and started laying by my feet.
And then when we went to bed she came up to our room and lay on the floor at the end of the bed.

She is such a sweetheart of a dog.  It is hard to believe she came from such bad conditions.  However, a coupe of the five Border Collies we took do exemplify all the traits from being in a puppy mill/hoarder type situation.

For more photos of Fern

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