When the Goin’ Gets Tough…

When the economy is bad for everyone, it’s worse for non-profits. That’s because it’s difficult to afford anything extra in the midst of economic disparity. Donations fall, adoptions drop, and things take a general turn for the slow-side. With a $9,000 vet bill waiting to be paid and food costs mounting, it’s a tight spot we’re becoming all too familiar with these days. But it’s not one we can’t squeeze out of.

With your help, we can continue our work to rescue the area’s unwanted, abandoned, and abused companion animals. We know your budget is as tight as ours, but rest assured: every dollar makes a difference to the dogs and cats in our program, especially when they’re awaiting surgery, escaping abuse, being treated for infection or disease, or simply eagerly anticipating the first good meal they’ve had in long time, if ever.

And there are other ways to help too: Consider volunteering your time to assist in planning a fundraiser; have a bake sale at your child’s school, or stop by joint money-raising events like next week’s Old Navy donation drive.

Donations of tangible items help too, including Purina One dog or cat food, clean blankets, dog beds, rawhides, treats, toys, cat scratchers, gas cards or crates, carriers, or kennels. You can drop items for donation off at any adoption event.

The economy may get us down, but it can’t get us out. We’re committed to doing whatever it takes to continue our success. And with your help, we’re confident things will turn around quickly. It must–because puppy breath, wet nose nudges, and kitten purrs are priceless… and so is knowing that, together, we can make a difference for our community’s homeless animals, four paws at a time.


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