We Saved a Pit Bull: Sweet Aria

We Saved a Pit Bull

This story begins when a call came in, after hours, to a local animal shelter about a dog who had been hit by a car. The dog lay bleeding at the bottom of a ditch. The car had hit her in such a way that her skin had been peeled from her side and along the top of her back. Pain had to be soaring through every nerve of her body. Yet, when she saw the beam of light offered by a flashlight, her tail made thud sounds on the ground as it wagged and she whined as she tried to crawl to her help.

She was taken to an animal shelter and they bandaged her up as best as they could, and then they called us. Can you imagine our response when they asked us to consider a Pit Bull? I know. We should not take the breed into consideration. But from our point of view we have to consider several things: do we have a foster home with the appropriate insurance? Who can adopt her given the Breed Specific Legislation? And how will this injury affect her long term temperament? Whatever the breed, we must consider the costs to treat severe injuries along with what will happen once they’re healed.

Her next car trip was to our veterinarian. They were taken aback and challenged with the aspect of sewing up her injuries. A full set of x-rays revealed no badly broken bones, but she did have fractures that would heal with time and rest. Once it was resolved that she had no serious, life threatening injuries, next was the task of pulling the skin up to close up the wounds. Imagine peeling an orange half way across. That’s what this dog’s back looked like, an enormous L shaped, peeled open wound. She left the vet a couple days later with drainage tubes. When she woke up, she had plenty of kisses to offer those who saved her.

At first, we called her Sweetie because she just wanted to thank everyone who helped her with kisses. But by the end of her surgery, she was named Sweet Aria. Aria has had her drainage tubes removed and goes in soon to have her stitches removed. Once she is up to it, she will be spayed and ready for adoption.

For now, Aria is enjoying life offering kisses to the children she lives with and playing with the cat and the other dog. This six month old puppy is happy to be alive and fully capable of expressing her joy in life to those around her.

Despite the barriers and the challenges, we did save a Pit Bull. We did it with the help of the many people who care deeply for animals in need, and we did it because of the support from people who care.

Donations are so appreciated .. truly.

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