Jelly Bean’s Story

Pretty sad looking, eh? Well, Jelly Bean is one of the many101_1919 four-legged reasons we’re holding this year’s Mutt-er’s Day Dog Walk. She needs your help!

Jelly Bean came to PC in deplorable shape. She was so matted it took experienced groomers nearly 8 hours to get her shaved down.  What’s more, she was skin and bones, severely underweight, and heartworm positive. 

Yep.  Pretty sad. 

101_1915 But Jelly Bean is on her way to recovery thanks to the love and care she’s receiving in her foster home.  And with your help (and a little time), Jelly Bean too will find her way to a loving forever family. 

This St. Bernard mix is one of our special guests at the May 9th Mutt-er’s Day Dog Walk. 


By downloading a pledge form, collecting donations, and joining us at this event, you can help raise money for Jelly’s heartworm treatment!  Plus, you’ll enjoy a free T-shirt*, lunch, games, fun agility, raffles, prizes and much more!  101_1916

Not a bad deal!  Show your support and walk for Jelly Bean on May 9th. 

Visit for more info!

*with $25 or more in donations; while supplies last.

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