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September 9th, 2009

This is a photo of Lucy still pregnant.  She delivered her pups a couple weeks after this photo was taken.  She had five beautiful puppies that are five and a half weeks old now.  The puppies are named after judges and are now part of our prison program.  You can read more about them at: click here.

Once the puppies were about four weeks old, Lucy decided enough was enough.  Oh, she would run down and check on them but God Forbid any of the other dogs followed her or came near her puppies!  So, we moved her to a new foster home.lucy_lemon_kitten_aug_27_2009
At first we called her, well, can’t really say it here because it had to do with her large mammary glands that didn’t think it  was time to stop nursing those puppies! 
In this photo you can see what I am talking about.  But it didn’t take long for her to start drying up.  One time I picked her up to carry her to her crate and squished a couple of those glands – didn’t do that again!
Here is Lucy not very happy with Kade the kitten.  Kade and Dharma were fascinated with Lucy – they would both go up and sniff her and sniff her, Lucy just didn’t know what to do.  Were they after her rawhide?  Did they want her precious spot on the lap?  What in the world did they  want? lucy_lemon2_aug_27_2009

Well, they were just checking out the new dog.  That is all.  They do that.  Silly kittens.
Here is Lucy doing one of the things she loves best: chewing a rawhide while in Dad’s chair!  She loves her rawhides.

Lucy does great with cats and kittens, as well as dogs and puppies. 
Lucy is housetrained too.  We were so pleased to discover that!  She is great in her crate but will bark sometimes when she is first put in the crate.  But she stops and she is getting better and better.  We crate her at night but she would dearly love to sleep in bed with someone.  She is a loving dog, sweet disposition and so comical.lucy_lemon_aug_27_2009

As soon as she is totally dried up we will have her spayed.  She was tested for heartworm and the test was negative, she is up to date on her shots and has been wormed.  She is on Frontline plus and Interceptor.

  If you are interested in her and live in the South Bend, Indiana area we would consider a home visit.   You just need to fill out an application.  She will need to go to Kryder Veterinary clinic to be spayed which we will cover.

A fenced in yard is a must if there are children in her new home.  She does walk very well on a retractable leash and she loves her walks as much as she likes her rawhides and laying in laps
.  She is just a lover of life!

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