September 9th, 2009

Harvey is an eight month old male black and white boy with speckling.  We think he may be a Border Collie but we really are not sure.

What we do know is that he is as sweet as the day is long!  He landed in a local animal shelter – picked up as a stray andforget_me_nots never claimed.  However, it may be good that he was never claimed because the vet says Harvey has damage on his larynx from abusive collar usage – probably a a chain choke.  Hopefully this will heal, but the harvey6_aug_31_2009bottom line is that he may never be able to have force applied to his neck again.  And this is not what I would call a bad thing.  He is such a responsive dog and there are lots of training methods that don’t include jerking the dog  on a collar.

Harvey shares a large crate with Lilly.  He does well with all the dogs and the cats – but if he is a Border Collie mix he may chase cats.  Right now he is not showing any herding instincts – he won’t fetch either but he will watch as Lilly fetches and then go take her ball!  It’s all in fun and play. 
Harvey is a sweet guy with a ton of potential.  A fenced yard is required.  He would probably do well with a family with older children but not sure about younger children.

Here are more photos of this good looking guy:

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