All Nose .. yup, that’s me!
I can’t remember much before landing in a shelter but I can tell you that at the shelter they fed me and gave me lots of water and it was dry and clean and nice people gave me attention.  I did spend a lot of time in the cage but that’s because there were so many other dogs and puppies that also needed all that stuff too.

But then in came these great couple who looked at the cute fluffy puppies – well, yea, they would have taken them too – but they said a black puppy was a great find and they picked me!

They took several dogs from “downstairs” too — that is where the big dogs stay.   lars2_aug_31_2009

I rode in a large ‘cat’ carrier on the way home … it wasn’t bad.  One of the big dogs barked a lot – telling me the sights and sounds that she could see on our long ride home.

Once at my foster home they let me out and all I can say is WOW – tall grass as far as the eye could see!  I didn’t know what to do. 

The people told me to come over and meet my new playmate.  His name is Kipper and he is all black too.  Guess what?  Bet you think I’m going to say that we went off into the setting sun playing great games …. well, not exactly.  Kipper was not impressed with me at all.  After a couple days he did warm up to me but he told me he prefers that big blond collie  mix, Libby.  Says she is lots of fun and takes him for adventures into the woods until Mom calls after lars_suka_aug_31_2009her.

There are a couple really old dogs here too.  This is one they call Suka – she doesn’t move very well but she didn’t have a problem getting to me to check me out.  I was trying to learn how to go up these stair things when she had to sniff me all over.  Just try to sniff her back and see what happens though- she growls!  But eventually I learned that she is harmless.

One day I went to a place they called the vet to be ‘neutered’.  They told me to not be scared and I don’t know why they said that because that place was GREAT!  I was in someone’s lap the entire day and I love being in warm, cozy laps.

So, there you have it …. I’m learning new things – like where they want me to do my business and what I’m suppose to chew and other house manners.

Here are more photos of me.

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