Reese’s pups at Five weeks

Reese’s pups are now five weeks old.
Their five week old birthday was December 20th, 2012 – the day before the world was suppose to end, but it didn’t and they woke up this morning, the 21st hungry for their food.  The pups are now eating softened puppy food a couple times a day which makes it easier on Reese.  They still nurse a lot too.
During the day, I lay newspaper down in my bathroom, put their beds, their food and the pups and Reese in there so they can have a safe place to be.  The pups are so darn cute.  They look like little wind up guinea pig toys when they waddle/run across the floor.  At nightime they share a crate with their mom in my office.  They are all good little sleepers and are quiet through the night but once I open my office door, lay down some newspapers then they are darting out that crate!
These pups are small.  On their fifth week birth day they weighed in at the following weights:
Black male (looks just like mama) – 1.5
Blonde male (this is the chunker) 2.2
Brown male (he is fuzzy) 1.3
Tan male (fuzzy too) 1.1
Brindle smooth coat female 1.7
Brindle fuzzy face female 1.2

Yup – they are rather small!

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