Cici, Kris, Noel and Ginger

I am fostering these four pit mix puppies: Candy Cane or Cici for short, Kris Kringle or Kris for short, Noel and Ginger. 
Kris is a male.  He is all brindle, a light color.  He looks just like his mom.   He enjoys being in laps and is the very first of these four to climb into any available lap.
Cici, Noel and Ginger are females. 
Ginger is brindle, a darker color with a dark muzzle.  She is an active puppy who loves to snag the toys laying around, even cat toys!  She enjoys playing with the cats and especially enjoyed Sunshine the kitten who has been adopted.  When outside Ginger loves to run as well as go play in the garden which is all dirt right now.
Candy Cane or Cici is brown with some darker brindle and white.  She is more of a ‘let’s wait and see how this plays out’ puppy.  She enjoys her space but will also cuddle with the other pups.  She joins in the puppy pile when it’s lap time. 
I really thought maybe Charlie Chapin would have been a good name for Noel.   It’s because she has that dark marking on the one side of her mouth that looks like a mustache.  At least one thing is for sure, Noel is very distinct looking.  Noel is more stocky then the other three I have here.  She is a sweet pup who is more on the observant side but also will join in on the puppy pile, especially if it involves all four pups climbing into a lap.

In these photos I took the pups outside for an adventure.  WE were outside for about 45 minutes before they were starting to show signs of being tired.  They enjoyed wrestling with Lucy, tagging behind Libby and rolling in the dirt.  Ginger had a pretty dirt nose!

The pups will be available after the first of the year.  They are doing well now.  They came to us fairly thin and I think a bit under noursished but that is no surprise as they were siezed for neglect.  The pups are now getting good puppy food, clean bedding, fresh water and lots of TLC.

If you would like to help the the care of puppies like these, please make a donation!


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