National Fall Adoption Event

Peach3_July_2009 September 11th, 12th and 13th
PetSmart, Mishawaka

Friday: 9/11: 4pm to 7pm

Saturday: 9/12: 10am to 4pm
Sunday: 9/13: Noon to 4pm

** If you can not do an entire shift – just let me know what you can do.

We have two locations within the store and we can set up outside if there are enough volunteers to do so!

Volunteer Staffing Needs

For each time period we need the following:

1) Animal Care Staff: Dog Walker/Cat Care Taker — two would be nice.

2) Paper Work – one volunteer dedicated to completing paperwork

3) Talk to people — two or more

4) Foster Animals! – please let me know which day you can have your foster animal at the vet. 
***** All dogs availalbe for adoption should be at one of these days.

Job Descriptions

1) Animal Care Staff:
Take dogs on short needed walks, see that they have water:
    Keep Cat cages clean, hold cats, etc.

2) Paper Work:
Fill out the paperwork for any adoptions. 
Need a title – any ideas?

3) Talk To People
  This is so important — volunteers need to talk to people looking at the animals,

Offer to get an animal out for them to meet:
   This is so easy, yet so important to increasing adoptions.

If you find yourself with nothing to do other than chatting with fellow volunteers — look around.  Is there an animal you can get out and hold?  Animals out of the cage are more likely to be adopted, however, the stickler is you need to stay close to the adoption area with the animal out where people can pet him or her so the public know the animal is available.

4) Foster Animals

You do not need to be at an event – you can drop off/pick up a foster animal,  we just need to make sure we have enough volunteer staffing.

5) Set up and Tear down: help with setting up the event (3:00pm Friday) and putting things up Sunday (4:30pm)


Dress Appropriately — when at PetSmart we are considered a partner.  If you have a PetsConnect T-Shirt wear it — if you need one let me know.

Drinks/coats/etc — no food or drink is allowed on the sales floor.  If we are outside, you can have drinks and food but please be somewhat discreet.  Please remember to take your cups, etc home and to throw away any food/drink containers (otherwords your fellow volunteers are cleaning up after you).
If you are inside — you can put stuff in the metal cabinet in the cat area.
Please — if you bring a drink that does not have a secure lid — do not put it anywhere in the adoption area — too often they get knocked and spilled and it’s another mess .. we have animals to clean up after and that really is enough! :)

If we are outside, lawn chairs and such are welcome — if we are inside, they are not ok.

Be On Time

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