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All you avian lovers out there, meet Walter!  Walter is a fancy-footed pigeon who is quite the social boy once he gets to know you.

 Walter does warm up quickly.  Once he does, he likes to be out of his cage watching what you are doing.  As soon as I open the door, he hops up onto my hand and waits for his ride to the desk.  During the day he is loose in the office.  He has learned to fly a bit and will make his way around the office with ease.  He inevitably ends up back near the desk or on top of his cage to sleep while his foster mom works.  At the end of the day he gets put back in his cage and it all starts over the next day. 


He likes to be right up in the action.  If he’s not on your arm or shoulder, he’s right in the action.  He especially loves to sit/strut on the computer keyboard or the mouse when you’re trying to work so he can watch the changes on the screen.  If you’re not careful, he will add his own typings to your e-mails! 


In addition to using technology, Walter enjoys tormenting the fishies.  The office he stays in has two fish tanks.  One of them has plastic sheeting on top instead of a lid, which means Walter will spend hours sitting/pacing on top of the fish tank looking down at them.  He will also have stare-offs with the fishies through the glass.  The fish usually win but Walter remains undeterred. 


Walter has good hygiene too.  He takes a bath every other day and really enjoys splashing around! 


He is beginning to enjoy being petted on his back too!  You start petting his back and he’ll start strutting around in a circle making his little birdy noises at you. 

 If you’re interested in Walter, fill out an app and we’ll get back to you! 


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