The Odd Couple

031For Kaiya, it was love at first sight.  The handsome little boy had everything she was looking for–good looks, a playful personality, and feisty strength.  It wasn’t the same for Gizmo.  He prefers the ladies his own size, small and compact, easy to control.  But, alas, a little time and a few backyard adventures, and these two have fallen head over heels for each other!

Meet our Odd Couple–Gizmo and Kaiya.  Sure, they’re a strange match, but to each his own, right?  Kaiya is a 6-month old Akita, 45 pounds and growing, with a laid-back, sweet disposition.  Gizmo is the man in charge, an 8 pound toy fox terrier with big-dog ambitions.  He’s bossy and playful, dominant and cuddly.   He’s been in his foster home for a few months now, awaiting adoption.  But then an urgent call came in….Kaiya needed our help!  It should come as no surprise that I was a little nervous bringing the Akita into our foster fold here, Gizmo running the roost and my own dog, Jasmine, content to wait it out til he leaves.  I didn’t know how things would go with a big playful puppy entering the mix.  032

The dogs were all set to meet in the backyard.  Kaiya entered with her tail up, calm as can be.  She immediately ran up to Gizmo to say “hi,” only to be greeted with a low, ferocious growl, as ferocious as a toy fox terrier growl can be, of course.  But Kaiya didn’t mind; she was smitten.  She followed the little guy around the yard for 30 minutes, occasionally landing a playful nip on Gizmo’s behind, which only led to more growling and yipping.  Gizmo wasn’t having it.  But Kaiya was persistent, so she spent the next few days trying desperately to get Gizmo’s attention, nudging him, tossing him toys, following him around the house.  And then, one day, Gizmo decided she was worthy of his affection, and the relationship blossomed.  Now the best of friends, these two spend their days romping in the backyard, playing tug-o-war with toys, and curling up on the couch for nap time. 

030Gizmo is still the bossy one, ordering Kaiya, the hefty Akita, around like a toy soldier in his battalion.  But she doesn’t mind.  This calm girl just wants his approval…and some snuggle time.  Fortunately for Gizmo, she’s big and fuzzy and keeps him warm at night. And Kaiya is content to be at the mercy of her 8-pound crush.  We think love is in the air! 

Kaiya and Gizmo are both available for adoption.  For more information, visit or check out the “Adoptable Pets” section of this blog.

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  1. Marlaina says:

    How dare Gizmo cheat on my Maiya! :-) Cute story & pics!

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