Kryder Kittens


Kade, Rylee, Dharma and Everett
Kade and Everett: gray tabby males
Rylee and Dharma: gray tabby females
Approximate birth date: end of April 2009
Up to date on their kitten shots but not neutered and spayed – yet.

For every kitten there is a story:

Originally there were six and they came from our vet’s office, Kryder Vet Clinic in Granger, Indiana.  Someone left these small kittens in a box in front of their door.  Even at such a small size and young age they had developed early signs of upper respiratory infection. 


Here are some early photos of the kittens.  They have gone to various foster homes, mostly due to vacations.  They have always been a handful because they are so active.  When they were young it was hard to tell them apart.  Here are a couple photos from June 1.  They were pretty small.

We named them so the first letter of each name spelled out Kryder – aren’t we clever!  Unfortunately, one died soon after we got them.  A second kitten died a bit later leaving only four.   But what an awesome foursome!

The kittens ended up at a foster home where there is a three almost four year old child who loves to carry the kittens around like dolls.  The kittens LOVED it. 

Here are more photos of when they were really small:


They could create quite a ruckus running through the house.


Here are some more photos from June 8th








dharma_gray_tabby2_aug_16_2009 DHARMA

A pretty gray tabby female, Dharma adores all the attention you can lavish upon her!
Lap cat supreme, kisser, hugger, love bug, snuzzle-in-your-neck.
Just try sitting down and keep her off your lap!
I double dare you.
But then, if you adopt Dharma and Kade you will have two cats in your lap – all the time!


Great with dogs, great with cats, easy to cut her nails, hold like a baby, scratch her belly, watch her play for easy fun entertainment!





kada_gray_tabby_aug_16_2009 KADA

Looks so much like his sister that we can not tell them apart .. and just as loving and funny and fun too.

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