Monty’s Visit

monty-wih-the-boysMonty has come for a Visit to play with the big boys.   He arrived last night and was full of his Young Boy Energy.   He thought he was going to come in and rule the roost.  He had meet my German Shepherd this weekend so I knew they would get along.   He ran in the house and meet Hagen and the RACE WAS ON.  They ran through the house and played Tumble Wrestle as I call it for  hours.   I took these pictures after the boys had a drink of water and were resting for Round 2.

monty-hagen-playing-tugAnd then the TUG of War was on.

Wow Monty thought he was strong he has meet his match now.  Monty could tug for hours but he does not have the bulk yet to win the TUG OF WAR.  He is learning he is not the biggest dog on the block.  He was so tired after the play sessions that Monty and Hagen Slept all night on the Floor in my bedroom exhausted – UNTIL the alarm went off.  Then I had 2 BIG ENERGIZED boys to go out.  No messes – Monty was a perfect gentlemen all night long.  I think he thinks he is at a DOG SPA.. LOL

Well we tackle the Swimming Pool as soon as the rain stops.  And our Walks resume.  Look for more Pictures as we have Monty for the week.

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