26 Day Old Puppies!!

Well, the bottle-fed pups are now 26 days old!  The best thing I could ask for has happened too – the girls are now eating softened hard puppy food!  Yay!!!  Makes my mornings go so much faster!  I mix some formula in it still to make sure they get all the nutrients they need…I just keep that to myself so they think they’re big girls, though! 

:-)   They love it too!  Not only do they stick their heads in it as soon as I set it down, they usually stick their front paws in too.  Almond enjoys standing completely in the food at times – I keep telling her it’s not hygienic but she doesn’t seem to care!  I think she enjoys the warmth on her little feetsies – even though she screams during bath time…I think she may be confused!   


Some sad news, we lost Caramel Latte on the 13th due to pneumonia, so we have been giving all the puppies lots of drugs to make sure they grow up to be strong and healthy.  So far the drugs are working miracles on Reese Cup.  Reese has had trouble keeping food down since I got him.  Now he’s finally able to drink an entire bottle all on his own and keep it all down!  He now drinks at least 2 whole bottles a day!  Needless to say, his tummy is getting nice and big just like his sisters’ tummies!


Since it has been a week since I last posted pictures, I thought I’d put some up again.  Swiss Miss was sleeping so I didn’t wake her to get some “action” pictures of her…there are pics of her sleeping like a baby and one of her chewing her foot.  As you will be able to tell from the pics, all the puppies love to give and receive kisses.  They all like to keep their heads next to mine because they are entertained by my raspberry blowing skills!  They are becoming playful little babies already!  Almond Joy loves the camera!  Pictures were taken 08/17/2009.




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