Koda, Krissie and Kipper





“Check out the chewy I have!  It tastes so good.  But I have to work hard because everyone else wants it too. 

My name is Koda.  I am nine weeks old and my foster mom says I’ll be big! 

I enjoy going for walks with my foster mom and littermates in the woods but my mom doesn’t like it when we get what she calls ‘stick ums’.  She has to sit down and brush us all off!”





This is me checking out a swan.  My foster mom laughed at me   because she said something about it being made of cement.

Well, I’m here to tell you, there are some crazy real birds called chickens and they sure do move!  When I chase them these other birds called roosters come after me and I high tail it out of there!  You should hear the racket they make! 

Hurts my ears.






Krissie and Kipper

Krissie here … me and my brother look so much alike that our foster mom has a hard time telling us apart.  Isn’t that funny?  I mean I’m a girl and my brother is a boy – geesh.

Anyway, we are both black with neat greenish eyes.  My brother has some white on his back toes, we both have some white on our chests. 

We love to be righ at our mom’s heels … she trips over us a lot!

She says we are really good puppies because we like to do our poo poos outside – well, duh, of course we do!


Here are some more photos of us.  We share space with three puppies from another litter too: Kasper, Kayla and Kimber (our mom was in a K mood the day she named



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