“Hi, Jake here.  That is short for Jacob. dog_hand

Check me out!  I’m a pretty neat guy.

All black with white tipped toes, and no, I did not step in the paint – geesh, you know how many times I get asked that?

And yes, I’m a guy with a prance – get over it already!  It’s the Border Collie in me, a prance to fool those sheep into moving where I want them to go, although honestly, I’ve never seen a sheep .. something about my breeding.  My foster mom says it’s graceful, makes me look like a ballerina.  She says I’m lucky to be with her because she doesn’t dress up dogs, but some of the other people in PetsConnect! who foster dogs do dress up their dogs .. not sure what that means but I’ll just be thankful.


There are some other big dogs here .. actually, compared to these two lugs I am small!  This is Katie Lynn –monty_jacob_katie_pool2_aug_4_2009.jpg- she is pretty nice but if she has a bone or toy I have learned to leave her toy or bone alone!  That other big oaf, Monty – he is an easy going kind of guy and I enjoy spending time running in the yard with him.  He is really goofy thought – look at him put his mouth in the water to get that ball. What a nut case.





And some puppies too — it’s this one cute?  This is Koda and he did  not want to share that delicious chew toy but that is ok .. I can outwait any puppy!

Since I’m so well behaved – well, my foster mom get’s annoyed at me because she says I do not need to be woven around her legs – yea, like she knows for sure?

I get to be inside the house a lot …. I like laying in the dining room with the puppies while my mom works at the dining room table or in the kitchen.



Here are some more photos of me …. I have a really cute white spot on my chest.



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