October 30th, 2011: Training Yearlings with Lindsay

Back in May we drove to Kentucky to rescue two small, dirt cake, tick infested hungry yearlings.  They had been abandonded in a field.  A local animal control picked them up but were unable to hold them for more than a few days so they posted out a plea for help.  Having never seen a plea from an animal shelter asking for someone to take in horses, I was intrigued and called for more information.  Five days later we were headed back to Michigan with two yearlings!  Since acquring these two lovely yearlings, we, as an organization have learned a lot – it’s been quite a growth curve.
For one, dog training and horse training is quite different.  Second, yearlings are not in high demand like puppies.  So, we have buckled down to prepare these yearlings to be the best possible horses they can be.  We have volunteers working on trianing them, a great place for them to be fostered, a wonderful ferrier and we build a round pen!
The Round Pen has been a god-send.  There are several volunteers in our rescue organization that have horse training experience and have taught other volunteers.  We have several volunteers working with the yearlings.
Lindsay is one of what I refer to, as our horse volunteers.  On the day these photos were taken, October 30th, 2011 it was sunny at first, then rained, then the sun came out.  We just worked through the weather!  The yearlings didn’t seem to mind.
First, Dennis worked with Tecumseh in the round pen.  And in the rain!

Next, was Lindsay’s turn.  First Lindsay runs the yearling, in these photos it’s Potemkin, in the round pen.  She gives him a ‘whoa” which means stop.  If the trianing is going well, Potemkin will turn towards Lindsay (always head first) and walk to her.  She will then touch him and walk around him.  Hopefully he will also follow her.  It looks as if they are dancing.

Finally, we did some simple standing training and put heavy blankets or coats on the back of the Yearlings.  It looks simple, but it’s not.  Teaching a yearling to stand still can be a challenge!

Enjoy the photos!

Making a Difference

PetsConnect! is an all volunteer not-for-profit organization moving into out Tenth Year!
All the animals are in foster homes and well cared for, we pay our bills, make our thank yous and our volunteers work very hard to run PetsConnect! as a professional, caring, friendly business!
The animals in our program come from local animal shelters and to the employees and volunteers of our local animal shelters we are most grateful and thankful for the hard, emotionally taxing work they engage in daily.

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