Gibbs: Learning Every Day

Hiiii!  It’s me Gibbs!  Did you miss me?  Wanna rub my belly?  Can’t blame a guy for asking…


My foster mom said I should get on here and tell everyone what all I have been learning since I got to her house.  I’m only doing it because she promised me belly rubs afterwards. I LOVE belly rubs.


I’m going to start from the beginning because my only other blog I have I had to share with my old foster brother Scotty.


My story goes like this; my foster mom went and pulled me from a local shelter when I was just a pup (around 5mos old).  I was adopted out a couple months later and went to a family that had a couple of children.  Unfortunately for me, that couple broke up.  My mom didn’t want me and my daddy couldn’t take me to his apartment.  So back I landed in a shelter at 2 years old.


I was absolutely terrified and didn’t know what to do when I was in there so I was defensive and didn’t want anyone near my cage.  Lucky for me another nice volunteer with PetsConnect came and picked me up since my foster mom was at work at the time.  I didn’t behave very well at her house either because I was still so scared.


A couple of days later my foster mom was able to pick me up.  She was told how I was scaring people and she was worried about me.  She came and saw me in the crate and said I was just as handsome now as I was when I was a pup.  I hopped in her car and we headed home.  It was just a matter of minutes before I had my head on her shoulder in the car.  She petted me and told me I was a good boy and I started to feel loved again.  I began to smile again.


When we got to the house I ran straight to the front door and went right inside.  I got to see my old friends from when I was in the house as a pup (my foster mom’s personal dogs).  Nutmeg, my buddy back in the day, wanted to play with me.  Sierra, a smaller dog I hadn’t met before, gave me kisses and she and I have become the best of buddies.  I have all the girl dogs ogling over me!  I slowly started coming out of my shell.  I had a couple of grouchy moments my first couple of days but once I saw how things were going to be I started smiling more and more. 


My mom quickly discovered that I had been taught nothing in my home.  I didn’t know how to sit.  I pulled like crazy on the leash.  I liked to counter surf in the house.  I jumped like crazy.  She said I had aLOTto learn.  Lucky for her I am a quick learner and like to be trained – she says I have good focus.


The first thing she started teaching me was not to jump on people.  I’m still working very hard on this.  I have boxer in me and I LOVE to jump.  I try to remember to just jump at the air instead of on someone.  She makes me “sit” to get petted to help me remember.


Speaking of sitting, I now also know: “lay down”, “crate”, “go outside”, “no”, “down” (to put all 4 paws on the floor if I’m counter surfing or leaning on the baby gate) and I’m learning “wait” (to wait for a treat that is placed right in front of me until I am told to “get it”).  She said we’re going to work on “stay” next.  I can’t wait!  I love those training treats!  I am also getting MUCH better with not snooping around on the counters!  So good that my mom lets me stay loose in the kitchen and dining room over night now!  She says I’m such a good boy now and an easy foster!


One of the biggest things I have learned is to walk nicely on the leash.  I have been taught to heal.  I stay right at my mom’s side – I usually have my side against her leg just to make sure I’m doing what she needs me to.  I have GREAT focus with watching her to see what direction we are going next – I’m all about the eye contact.  If she stops suddenly, I stop right with her. If she tells me to sit, I do it.  If she turns to the left, I turn to the left right with her.  I am so focused that I ignore other dogs and people even when in PetSmart!  I am all about my human!


From training me, my mom thinks that my focus is so good that I could be taught agility and would do great in obedience classes.  She said she thinks I would love both.  She is going to continue to work with me and she wants the next person who adopts me to be someone that is dedicated to working with me too – not someone that is just going to let me have the run of the house.  I would love that too.  I also request that my next home lets me lie on the couch with the family.  I also love to play fetch and tug-of-war!  I love to be where ever my people are, so please don’t look at me if you plan on locking me away from everyone.  I just want to be loved and make someone happy. 


I have included all the pictures I have of me for your viewing pleasure.  There are even pictures here from when I was a puppy.  To read my blog from when I was a puppy, follow this link:


To read my blog from when I first got back with my foster my mom, follow this link:

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