Holly and Molly: Our Miracle Puppies

Meet Holly and Molly.  We call these our miracle puppies.  Here is their story:
Back in November we recieved an urgent call: could we take a bassett mix and her two puppies?  This mom and her pups were a special case.  They had been found in an abandoned home and mom had signs of abuse.  Mom was thin to the bone, depressed and in need of a lot of TLC.  The pups had just been born.  We were full but a foster-volunteer who typically does only adult dogs agreed to take mom and her two pups for what was suppose to be a temporary situation.  He was going to keep her just long enough for us to make space in another foster home that did do puppies.
Three weeks later, we were at the vet’s office with mom and what we thought was an Upper Respiratory Infection.  Mom had parvo.  After a five day battle of doing everything we could, she died.  It was awful. 
The foster took the two pups back home and we all thought for sure they would come down with the parvo too.  Molly did get sick for a few days.  We put her on anti throw up meds and made sure she was kept warm and had nutrition.  Quite frankly, I expected both pups to die and the couple fostering the pups were also prepared.  But the pups did not die.
Our vet recommended shots every two weeks than everyt there weeks.  The pups are doing incredibly well!  And come February 24th, in three weeks, the pups are scheduled for surgeries for Molly to be spayed and for Holly to be spayed and have her eye lid fixed.
Holly’s one lower eye lid turns slighly in.  This makes her eye water and it’s uncomfortable.  The vet will fix this when she is spayed.  Given what these pups have been through, the eye is truly such a simple thing.
So, meet Holly and Molly – truly, our Miracle puppies!!

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