Teabow is a wiry hair Red Minature Dachshund. 
He seems to me to be extra long in the body but then I don’t foster too many doxies. 
He is two years old, housetrained, weighs in at 12 pounds and is fine with dogs and cats.  Interestingly, if a cat is in a cat carrier he will bark at it relentlessly – but once the cat is out of the carrier all is well. 
Teabow is probably a mix of a wire hair and a smooth hair doxie…. which may explain why he is not super wiry.  But I could be wrong about that.  I do know how he got his name:  the day I was trying to figure out what to call him my facebook had non stop  postings about Teabow this and Teabow that, a good name I thought.  So, we call him Teabow.
Teabow loves to walk around with a stuffed animal in his mouth: it’s funny to see him in his blue sweater with a pink bear in his mouth.  He enjoys rawhides, curling up in beds, or on blankets, curling up with people or other dogs or cats if that is all he has to curl up with. 
He sleeps with us at night time, sometimes under the covers and sometimes on top of the covers.  He likes to sleep stretched out…. way out!
I’m no sure how Teabow would do with children.  Given how long his back is I’d recommend no small children or young elementary children as well as limited steps – to prevent back injury which is common in this breed.
Teabow has lots of character!  He is going to make someone really happy.

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