This pair of finches are quite delightful.  There is a male and a female.  I don’t know how old they are.  They make cute little noises and greet me with these noises when I walk into my office.  They love to jump from branch to branch, eat their food and their thistle seed branches.  When they are low on food and water they will jump around making a loud noise alerting me to their need for refills!
If you are looking for a fun pair of easy to care for, and not expensive at all birds .. you might check out this pair.  They would be great for an office environment (but not by a door with a draft of course). 
The female does lay an egg occassionally – I just throw it away.  She does not seem to mind at all.

The adoption fee for the finches is $30 for the pair.
With the cage, which really is lovely for them, it’s $60.
This would be a great starter pet for someone who does not have the time to invest in a pet but would enjoy having something to greet them and something to watch.  These birds move a lot.
One does have to make sure they always have food and water.

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