Rascal Needs Your Help

This is Rascal.

The first time Rascal landed in a local animal shelter his owners came to claim him.  Before they took him home, the shelter staff micro chipped Rascal to be sure the owners could get him back should it happen again.
The second time Rascal landed in a local animal shelter his owners did not come to claim him.  Oh, they knew he was there because Rascal was micro chipped to them.  But they did not come for him.
Thus, Rascal sat at the shelter: a matted mess, a missing eye draining yellow goop and a waging tail.  How is it that dogs, even in the most dire state, still wag their tails at us, humans, even after we have let them down?
True to his sweet nature, Rascal wagged his tail everytime he saw someone come towards his kennel.  It was sort of hard to see his tail move due to the severe mats.   It was impossible to see his eyes too and petting him was an “ewwww” because he stunk so badly.
The shelter staff really wanted Rascal to come into our program.  So, I brought Rascal home, maybe I should rename him Wags, and put him in a crate on my warm garage.  Next day I had an appointment with the groomer in Edwardsburg, The Groomer.  She did a terrific job with this little guy!  She also raved at how good he behaved, how sweet he was and what an awful shape his coat was in.   Said she had to use a seven blade for his feet.  I don’t know what a seven is but from the look on her face I don’t think it was the blade she would have used if she didn’t have to.
When I picked Rascal from the Groomer, I got this great looking, freshly groomed, tail wagging dog that smelled marvelous!  The groomer thinks he could be a Llaso Apso.  Of course, we really don’t know for sure.  He is cute, we know that for sure!
Today, December 16th, 2011, Rascal is at our vet’s office, Kryder Vet and Dr Kryder is fixing that eye.  Well, not fixing it actually, but removing what is left, cleaning it up and sewing it up.  There was no eye left – just a smal dried of raisen that was his eye.  At some time he must have been in severe pain but that is long past.  He is getting neutered too, and if he knew what that meant he may actually be more concerned with that then the eye surgery!   But we won’t mention it and he will be just fine and ready for adoption sooner than you can open up your Christmas presents! 
  Speaking of presents:  eye surgery is pricey.  We are talking close to $600.  I’ll know more when I pick him up.
  Donations to help cover the vet cost for Rascal’s eye would be incredibly appreciated!
  Every dollar helps.

Donations may be sent to:
PO Box 8104
South Bend, Indiana 46660-8104
Or you can go to our website and do a donation through pay pal.
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The wonderful thing about donating to help Rascal is that your donations are tax deductible because PetsConnect! is a not for profit organization.    We are all volunteers and the animals are in foster homes.

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Toby for her generous donation!

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