Lady Li’s pups: One Week old

Lady Li’s pups are, thus far, doing well.  They are in a great foster home!  They are living in the bedroom of a teen-ager who has the most cheerful, cute bedroom I have ever seen.  And she has two sisters who love to hold the puppies.  Life is good thus far and I am hoping it stays good for this mom and her three pups.  But she was left abandoned in a house, and then she did sit at the animal shelter for two weeks and she was horribly infested with fleas, on the other hand, we have given her two distemper/parvo shots and she appears healthy.  Keep a hoping and keep a praying!
Meanwhile, here are some incredibly cute photos.
The cream and the brindle are girls – the boy is brown and white.  They were born November 27, 2011.

Want to help?

You can make a donation to help pay for the surgery that is required to fix Lady Mama’s eye.
Her eye is, in my words, deflated.
Her eye needs to be cleaned out and sewed up — an expensive procedure.
Donations are tax deductible.
Donataions can be mailed to: PetsConnect, PO Box 8104, South Bend, IN 46660-8104

You can buy a calendar too!!!
Another mom that came to us with serious medical issues is featured in our 2012 calendar.  She is Miss October and came to us with puppies AND breast cancer!
Purchase of calendars helps us pay our vet bills.

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