Logan Goes Home

My New Family

My New FamilyLogan Goes Home - YEA, I have a new Family to love me forever. I am doing so well and they let me sleep in bed also, what A lucky dog I have become. From being abused and neglected to being scheduled for Euthanasia to a loving home. I have my own swimming pool and toys and all the food and love I want. Thank you so much to Pets Connect for saving my life and giving me a second chance. I'm ready for bed are YOU?I love to sleep with my friends - the bed is so much better than the ground. Logan is Lazy no more. He is playing and smiling each day as he finds joy in most everthing he does now. Even to stare down the cats. He is curious about them but does not chase them. He loves playing with he new friends and he is great with other dogs. As Logan Recovers he is finding trust again in the world. He is finally eating out of a bowl and eating dog food. Regular meals are a wonderful thing to look forward to now. Logan wags his tail now that he has something to be happy about. He has learned to play with us and our other 2 dogs. He will come when you call him now and has quickly learned his name. He can sit when you ask him and boy does he love to be petted and told what a wonderful dog he is. He sleeps in my daughters room with her and does not need a crate at night. He does not like being crated for very long and trys to escape if he can. Darn those metal bars.. He loves to just lay at our feet no matter what we are doing. Look for more pictures and updates of Logan as he gets stronger. His cough is almost gone and his eyes sparkle with life now. He will make a family so happy when he is adopted.When Logan first got here he only wanted to sleep, he acted like he was shutting the world out of his life. There was no spark in his eyes. Logan has been getting better and better every day. He's not the same dog as when he arrived!


aw-Logan Loves me!


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