Poochie in wintertime

Well, let me tell you, life can be tough for a Shih Tzu in this world!  It’s gotten cold outside and Poochie is lucky enough to be staying in a warm, comfortable home, with good friends and plenty of exercise.

Poochie is a blind, oversized Shih Tzu with a big heart to match.  He was returned to us after a failed adoption through no fault of his own.  He does have skin allergies that we are still working to control but has no trouble getting around despite his lack of sight.

Here is Mr. Poochie sharing the couch with his friend Caedwyn the cat.  Caedwyn will snuggle up to anything that doesn’t move!

Not only is the couch a warm and comfy place to sleep, Poochie has his own jacket for when he goes on walks!  Well…it’s actually a jacket that turned out to be too big for the resident toy poodle…but don’t tell Poochie that.

Thanks to The Grooming Shop in Edwardsburg for making Poochie look really spiffy!  He was getting quite shaggy.

Donations of winter coats are welcome as PetsConnect has small dogs of many varieties that would love a warm coat or sweater during the winter.

Poochie is available for adoption.  He is housetrained, sweet, and very loving.  He has done fine with dogs of all sizes and doesn’t bother cats.  He enjoys attention from people very much.

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