Katie in the Garden




  While Dad picked veggies from the garden, I was tied up ‘outside’ of the garden … but I figured out how to move the rope and slip right in!

He was picking little cucumbers – yummy!  I liked those.  But I didn’t like the beans. And then he kicked me out of the garden – something about stepping on a green pepper plant and me being an oaf.

  I enjoy going outside for walks … oh the smells.  My mom says my nose is a magnet attracted to the ground.  She just doesn’t know how many awesome things there are to smell in the earth.   katie6_july_21_2009sm

   Here is my foster dad offering me a green bean.  Yuck!  But that Silly Sully sure did like the green beans .. no surprise because he is such a goofy dog anyway.  And he is a wimp too.

Maybe that is why he gets to run around the yard while I have to stay on a long leash.  I just know there are marvelous things in those woods and I can smell the marsh too!  Sully runs down the path but comes right back – he says it’s scary.  Not me … I’d be all over that woods!

I let Sully have the green beans but he can not have the cucumbers!

Those are all mine.

But then Dad said no.  He canned them up.  How silly is that?

Here are some more great photos of me … I am surely as pretty as they come!

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