Jetta Loves to Track

Jetta 11-11-11Our newest German Shepherd loves to follow a track.  I laid an Early Morning Track For Our Beautiful Girl.  She was on it and her nose was into the track till the end.   It was fun for her and for her foster mom to get outside on that crisp fall morning.  German Shepherds Love a job to do even if it is just a fun track to keep their minds active. 


Our Jetta loves the outdoors with her foster family.  SheJetta Tracking 2 11-11-11 is only 1.5 years old a Dark Sable Female that is wonderful and loving.  She Is great with kids and likes other dogs.   She does have a tendency to want to be the favorite dog.  She is Crate trained and very quiet in her crate.  She is still learning her New home and is almost always housetrained.


She knows some basic commands and is exactly what anyone would want in a German Shepherd.  If you are looking for that Family Or Personal Companion come meet her.   You will fall in love with her Just like all of us have.

Jetta & Friend 11-11-11


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