Grace is a pretty blue with white female young adult cat.
We estimate her date of birth to be September 2009.
Grace is a nice cat, easy to care for and un-demanding.  Her needs are few: a litterbox, food, water and some attention.  She does not get into things or stir up trouble.  She enjoys curling up in higher places or on soft cushions and ‘keep an eye on things’.
Grace and her sister, who was a bit younger, were owner surrender to a local animal shelter.  Each sister came with a litter of kittens.  The kittens went from one mom to the other making it hard to figure out whose was who’s.  Grace has always been the more timid of the pair making it more difficult for her to find a forever home.  at adoption events she does not show all that well and deems it not necessary to greet people – she has failed miserably at Suck Up 101!  Irregardless, she is a nice cat and would make someone very happy.
Grace is fine with other cats and has limited contact with dogs. She would be ok with quieter, older dogs but not rambunctious puppies.  Grace is not big on the being held and carried around notion but does enjoy being petted.
Grace would do fine by herself and would not mind keeping the house cozy while you are at work.  She would also do fine with another cat but may take awhile for her to get cozy with another cat.  She enjoys playing with that tricky moving red light, sleeping on the couch or on top of the TV console.

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