Tortilla is a pretty white with some black male kitten. 
He  has soft, fluffy short hair.  His markings are really cute.  He is mostly white but has an all black tail!
Tortilla was born mid June. 
He is good with cats, ok with dogs and would be a nice little family cat.  He is more careful then some of his foster littermates:  he watches before leeping, observes before becoming involved, checks out the lay of the land: but once he is satisfied he wants to jump in he is all about chasing the red light, attacking that furry toy mouse or chasing another kitten’s tail! 
Tortilla is one of six kittens that came into our program at the same time.  What happened is that a mom cat was dropped off at a local animal shelter with a kitten stuck half in and half out — as it turned out mom had a broken pelvis and needed emergency veterinary care.  One of those kittens lived and we are pretty sure it was Tortilla.  However, as time went by and other un-weaned kittens were dropped off at the shelter they were added to the mom and surviving kitten until there were a total of six kittens!  Unfortunately, mom and kittens broke out with ringworm.  The shelter was unable to keep them, and certainly did not want to put them down, so they pleaded with us to take them — and that is how we came to get them.  That was several months ago.  Kittens are totally clear of ringworm, they have all been spayed and neutered, are up to date on shots and all that jazz!  They are a fun batch of kittens.
So, if you are looking for two — ask!
Tortilla and Crumpet would make a nice pair, so would Tortilla and Biscuit!

Tortilla  is available for adoption.  If you are interested, please fill out an application and email it to us as an attachment. .  Click here for adoption application.

Medical:  He is spayed, and up to date on shots. 
He has been tested for Feline Leukemia and has Revolution put on him once a month.
Adoption fee: $75 
Soft Claws:  Because PetsConnect has moved to a no-declaw policy, we are using soft claws as a training tool for our foster cats.  Soft Claws are  soft plastic nail caps for cats.  This cat has them on his front paws.  To learn more about Soft Claws.

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